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Personalized care concierge

For Sandians

Wellthy provides hands-on support to help you navigate care for your loved ones - and yourself.

Sign up for Wellthy using your work email address to get matched with a dedicated Care Coordinator.

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How Wellthy helps

Your dedicated care expert is here to help you or a loved one. Our team handles your care needs while keeping you updated through the Wellthy platform.

Finding the right in-home aide or organizing a move into a facility

Recommending local socialization programs

Setting up in-home modifications, meal delivery, and transportation

Helping a family find the right legal resources

Navigating Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Veterans’ benefits

“Wellthy is the single best third-party provided benefit my employer offers. The team is diligent, thoughtful, and easy to connect with. Wellthy takes the stress out of finding care for me.”

- Wellthy Member

How it works


Create your Wellthy account

You can choose to use your personal or work email when signing up. However, you’ll need your employee ID to verify your eligibility.


Tell us about your care needs

Share some background on your care situation and get matched with a care professional who best fits your needs.


Get matched with a care professional

Your dedicated care professional will handle tasks on your behalf while keeping you updated through our secure online dashboard.

Hear from families like yours

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“With Wellthy, everything started falling into place”

James, on navigating bills in the wake of his wife's injury

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“I completely trust their advice and service”

Kathy, on juggling care needs for several family members

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“One word to describe Wellthy ... would be angel”

Nicole, on caring for her mother during her final months

Personalized, tech-enabled support

Partner with a dedicated care expert who takes things off your plate

Your Care Coordinator will work with you to identify priorities, design a personalized plan, and get things done. The Wellthy platform is a centralized hub to help you stay organized, track progress, and keep family and friends in the loop.

Resources & events


  • You can choose to use your personal or work email when signing up. However, you’ll need your employee ID to verify your eligibility

    You'll also answer a few questions about who you're caring for: their name, location, conditions, and the top priorities. The more specific you are, the more accurate our Care Coordinator matching algorithm will be! There is a green bar at the top that tracks your progress. Please be sure not to leave the flow until you're all set up, or you may need to wait longer to get a matched Coordinator and we can begin assisting you.

  • With Wellthy, families get assigned a dedicated Care Coordinator (think: personal healthcare project manager) who:

    • Schedules appointments
    • Refills prescriptions
    • Handles prior authorizations
    • Sources and vets in-home aides or nannies/babysitters
    • Handles a move into a care facility
    • Contests insurance bills
    • And much more
    Especially for families managing complex care, they will save time, money, and stress by getting Wellthy's expert Care Coordinator to help.
  • Here are some examples of families we're helping:
    • Evaluating and recommending babysitting resources or nanny agencies
    • Locating support groups for spouse with a cancer diagnosis
    • Tracking down in-home or on-site childcare and learning solutions
    • Vetting in-network specialists for a child with autism
    • Evaluating in-patient facilities for a sibling with mental health concerns
    • Identifying resources to keep kids engaged, challenged, social and physically active
    • Navigating virtual learning options for children
    • Hiring in-home care for in-laws with multiple conditions including MS, Alzheimer's, heart disease
    • Setting up specialist appointments after a new diagnosis
  • There is no maximum on the time we'll spend to ensure a family is supported!


  • We take privacy very seriously. With consent, a Care Coordinator may share information with doctors, family, caregivers, or other providers in order to arrange care. Care Coordinators only share family information if it's in their best interest.

  • Wellthy's fees are fully covered by your employer. Sometimes there are additional fees when we set up services and professionals (i.e. transportation, an in-home aide) that are not covered by insurance. We will always provide transparent information and options when there are out-of-pocket fees involved.

  • We believe that there is a silent, massive caregiving crisis impacting families, companies, and our country. This is caused by a confluence of factors—we have a large aging population, these people will live longer with more chronic conditions than ever before, families live apart from one another, and our healthcare and eldercare systems are the most complex, opaque, and expensive in history. The result for families is that managing complex care ends up being enormously stressful and overwhelming. We want to make it easier!

  • You can use Wellthy to help with parents, in-laws, children, spouses, and siblings. We will dive in and help out regardless of the relationship as long as it is a close enough relationship that care needs are impacting you.

  • We ask that you’re responsive and respectful of our Care Coordinators and their time. We want to do the best we can to support your family, but sometimes this requires us to gather additional information and guidance from you. The more helpful you can be to us, the more help we can provide!

  • Add an extra layer of security to your account by turning on 2-Step verification in Account Settings. With this enabled, you'll sign into Wellthy using something you know (your password) and something you have (a code from the authenticator app on your phone).

  • Any and all! We let doctors and specialists focus on treating conditions. We help with everything else, including assisting with the administration and logistics (resources, service providers, billing, appointments). We work closely with you, so we can be there every step of the way.

  • Wellthy's Care Coordinators are skilled and trained to help families navigate and manage all aspects of care. Just like enlisting a financial planner to help with your investments or a wedding planner to manage your special day, families should seek expert assistance to help guide them through major care decisions and events. Care Coordinators will put together a game plan and then get things done.
  • Wellthy is available in the United States, including U.S. territories. Both you and your loved ones must reside in these locations to have access to the service and platform.

  • Wellthy's Care Coordinators are mostly social workers by background, and in many cases, have been or are caregivers themselves. They have previously worked at hospitals, insurance companies, and in other clinical settings. Most importantly, they are passionate about working with families to ease their care burdens. We carefully screen and vet all candidates before certifying someone as a Care Coordinator.

Relief is here

“Before I learned of Wellthy, I was on the verge of considering a leave of absence from work to focus on the items needed for my family. In a very short time, that all changed.”

on caring for her family