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Wellthy provides personalized support to help you tackle the logistical and administrative tasks of caring for the ones you love, including yourself.

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Wellthy is transforming family care through personalized care support that you can control from an online dashboard.

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Caring for each other is one of the most important and fundamental things we do as humans. So why has it gotten so complicated? Whether it’s care for you, your spouse, your children, your parents, or a member of your chosen family, Wellthy is here to help.  
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Members share their stories

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When James' wife suffered a knee injury, Wellthy Care Coordinators assisted with tasks such as finding in-home care and bill management.

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A member of the sandwich generation, Kathy used Wellthy for caregiving situations involving her husband, brother, and her father Jay.

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When her mother faced her final illness, Wellthy helped Nicole manage care including finding the right medical equipment for her home.

A father and daughter sitting in chairs and talking together while they enjoy cups of tea.


Beating the odds

Lisa was taking great care of her father, Joe, and made sure he got to dialysis three times a week. But after a while, it got hard to balance managing her dad's health with her busy work schedule. With the help of a care professional, Lisa and her parents were able to get the compassionate, expert financial advice they needed, and all in Cantonese, her parents' native language. As a team, they evaluated insurance options through Medi-Cal and Health SF, and applied for low-income housing. The waitlist was 4-5 years for an apartment, but with Wellthy's help, Lisa's parents won the housing lottery and were in their new home by the year's end.


Top 5 Benefits of Personalized Care Support


A skilled care professional dedicated to you

Your care professional knows your story beginning to end. They’ll guide your whole family through a care plan, advocate for your loved one and moderate those tricky conversations.

Guidance from experts who know the care industry

Wellthy Care Coordinators know their way around the system — from healthcare to insurance and beyond.

Family meetings, simplified

Keep siblings, friends, even neighbors in the loop and on board with care with streamlined communication — one email thread, one moderator, one voice of reason.

Fast help with urgent tasks, or support for the long run

Speak with a care professional right away to get help with an urgent task, or set up your dashboard for continued ongoing support.

Everything you need, all in one place

Your Care Dashboard keeps everything safe and accessible. Keep all your contacts, organize tasks, and store important documents.

Less labor, more love

For you or someone you love

Whether it’s a tough diagnosis, ongoing condition, depression, or addiction, we can help you or anyone you love find the care support needed.

For your children

We can help find specialists for kids with special needs, navigate the complex world of coverage and benefits, and help your family make the best decisions for your child’s care and education.

For your parents

We can help with coordinating daily tasks like filling prescriptions to the bigger ones like moving to a facility and end-of-life preparations.

Care Dashboard

Wellthy’s modern platform and app keeps appointments, contacts, tasks, conversations, and documents in one place for you and your family.

Care Plan
Start a Care Project to get assigned a dedicated Care Coordinator, and they will help formulate a plan.
Communicate directly with your dedicated care professional anytime you need them.
Shared Calendar & Documents
Share appointments and schedules with an unlimited number of your family members and friends.
Medications & Contacts
Manage all of your medications, doctors, and contacts in one place.


  • Please use your work email when signing up. 

    You'll also answer a few questions about who you're caring for: their name, location, conditions, and the top priorities. The more specific you are, the more accurate our Care Coordinator matching algorithm will be! There is a green bar at the top that tracks your progress. Please be sure not to leave the flow until you're all set up, or you may need to wait longer to get a matched Coordinator and we can begin assisting you.

  • With Wellthy, families get assigned a dedicated Care Coordinator (think: personal healthcare project manager) who:

    • Schedules appointments
    • Refills prescriptions
    • Handles prior authorizations
    • Sources and vets in-home aides or nannies/babysitters
    • Handles a move into a care facility
    • Contests insurance bills
    • And much more
    Especially for families managing complex care, they will save time, money, and stress by getting Wellthy's expert Care Coordinator to help.
  • Here are some examples of families we're helping:
    • Evaluating and recommending babysitting resources or nanny agencies
    • Locating support groups for spouse with a cancer diagnosis
    • Tracking down in-home or on-site childcare and learning solutions
    • Vetting in-network specialists for a child with autism
    • Evaluating in-patient facilities for a sibling with mental health concerns
    • Identifying resources to keep kids engaged, challenged, social and physically active
    • Navigating virtual learning options for children
    • Hiring in-home care for in-laws with multiple conditions including MS, Alzheimer's, heart disease
    • Setting up specialist appointments after a new diagnosis
  • There is no maximum on the time we'll spend to ensure a family is supported!


  • We take privacy very seriously. With consent, a Care Coordinator may share information with doctors, family, caregivers, or other providers in order to arrange care. Care Coordinators only share family information if it's in their best interest.

  • Wellthy's fees are fully covered by your employer. Sometimes there are additional fees when we set up services and professionals (i.e. transportation, an in-home aide) that are not covered by insurance. We will always provide transparent information and options when there are out-of-pocket fees involved.

  • We believe that there is a silent, massive caregiving crisis impacting families, companies, and our country. This is caused by a confluence of factors—we have a large aging population, these people will live longer with more chronic conditions than ever before, families live apart from one another, and our healthcare and eldercare systems are the most complex, opaque, and expensive in history. The result for families is that managing complex care ends up being enormously stressful and overwhelming. We want to make it easier!

  • You can use Wellthy to help with parents, in-laws, children, spouses, and siblings. We will dive in and help out regardless of the relationship as long as it is a close enough relationship that care needs are impacting you.

  • We ask that you’re responsive and respectful of our Care Coordinators and their time. We want to do the best we can to support your family, but sometimes this requires us to gather additional information and guidance from you. The more helpful you can be to us, the more help we can provide!

  • Add an extra layer of security to your account by turning on 2-Step verification in Account Settings. With this enabled, you'll sign into Wellthy using something you know (your password) and something you have (a code from the authenticator app on your phone).

  • Any and all! We let doctors and specialists focus on treating conditions. We help with everything else, including assisting with the administration and logistics (resources, service providers, billing, appointments). We work closely with you, so we can be there every step of the way.

  • Wellthy's Care Coordinators are skilled and trained to help families navigate and manage all aspects of care. Just like enlisting a financial planner to help with your investments or a wedding planner to manage your special day, families should seek expert assistance to help guide them through major care decisions and events. Care Coordinators will put together a game plan and then get things done.
  • Wellthy is available in the United States, including U.S. territories. Both you and your loved ones must reside in these locations to have access to the service and platform.

  • Wellthy's Care Coordinators are mostly social workers by background, and in many cases, have been or are caregivers themselves. They have previously worked at hospitals, insurance companies, and in other clinical settings. Most importantly, they are passionate about working with families to ease their care burdens. We carefully screen and vet all candidates before certifying someone as a Care Coordinator.


Resources & events

Legal Care Considerations for End of Life Preparation

Upcoming Webinar - Wednesday, Feb 22, 2023 at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT

Discussing and planning for one’s end-of-life  is not an enjoyable process, but it’s an important piece of the caregiving journey. End-of-life preparation saves families from an overwhelming amount of legal questions, decisions, and complications in the wake of a loved one’s death.

Join our webinar where Wellthy care experts will discuss end-of-life considerations, how to navigate these conversations with family members, and how Wellthy Care Coordinators can help with this phase of the caregiving journey. 

Determining when an aging family member needs extra support

On Demand - 45 minutes

Changes that come with aging might happen gradually over time, or suddenly as a result of an event. Whatever the case, it’s often difficult for family members to know when it’s time to set an aging loved one up with extra support at home or in their day-to-day activities. 

Watch our webinar where Wellthy care experts will discuss common signs that it may be  time to step in and  assist aging loved ones with care, steps and resources.

Shared Experiences Across the Many Forms of Caregiving

On Demand - 45 minutes

There is no single definition of caregiving. One might be caring for an aging parent, child with special needs, neighbor who suffered an accident, or navigating a diagnosis of their own. With the many forms of caregiving comes a broad spectrum of emotions. Still, there are inevitable truths that remain consistent across all caregiving experiences. 

Watch our webinar where we discuss the different forms caregiving can take, key things to keep in mind no matter the care scenario, and how Wellthy can support families across the full spectrum of care.

How to Care for a Loved One Battling Addiction

On Demand - 45 minutes

Levels of anxiety, depression and loneliness are increasing in the lives of people from all walks of life. In an effort to cope with difficult and perhaps unfamiliar emotions, individuals may look to substances for relief, opening the doors to potential substance use disorder. 

Watch our webinar where we highlight ways in which families can identify substance complications among their loved ones (and themselves), and how Wellthy can support them in getting the help they need.

Aging in Place: A Caregiver's Guide for Growing Older at Home

On Demand - 45 minutes

Aging in place refers to the concept of staying in one’s own home as they grow older instead of moving into a living facility. While this approach is often preferred by aging adults, there’s a multitude of factors that families should consider to evaluate if it’s the best fit for their loved one.

Watch our webinar where Wellthy care experts discuss tools, tips, and resources for families exploring aging in place for a loved one, and how Wellthy can help by tackling administrative and logistical tasks that come with this phase of life.

Navigating Tricky Conversations with Aging Family Members

On Demand - 45 minutes

It can be difficult to care for an aging loved one who doesn’t accept help, or won’t acknowledge that they need support. They may feel guilty, fearful, or even embarrassed about the possibility of burdening family members as they grow older, making it difficult to discuss important changes with them.

Watch our webinar where we cover tips for navigating these tricky conversations, and how Wellthy’s team of care experts can support your family in the process.

Caregiver Connections: Finding Support in Other Caregivers

On Demand - 45 minutes

Stepping in to care for a family member is an incredible act of love, but it’s often an extremely lonely position to be in. Thankfully, there are more ways than ever before for family caregivers to connect with one another to seek support, exchange knowledge, and share experiences.

Watch our webinar where Wellthy care experts discuss the value in finding support while caregiving, tools and resources for doing so, and how Wellthy can help.

Navigating Healthcare Options for the LGBTQ+ Community

On Demand · 45 minutes

The healthcare system is a vast, antiquated space that’s difficult for anyone to navigate, and it can be even more complicated for members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Watch our webinar where we unpack the barriers faced by the LGBTQ+ community when navigating the healthcare systems in the US and UK, and how Wellthy supports these individuals in their health journey.

Supporting Your or a Loved One's Mental Health

On Demand · 45 minutes

Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic brought on a physical health crisis, but a mental health crisis as well. Individuals around the globe are trying to find a new sense of normalcy and balance work with personal life, all while keeping themselves and their families safe — a huge mental toll.

Join this webinar to hear from Wellthy Care Coordinators about tips for supporting your, or your loved one’s, mental health.

Medicare vs. Medicaid: Understanding the Differences

On Demand · 45 minutes

Navigating health insurance options in the US can be confusing, especially for Medicare and Medicaid. By understanding the differences between the two government-run programs, you can ensure that you’re weighing options appropriately and choose the best health plan for yourself or a loved one

Watch our webinar where Wellthy care experts will discuss what to consider when enrolling in the plans, how costs and services vary, and how Wellthy can help.

When Roles Are Reversed: Caring for an Aging Parent

On Demand · 45 minutes

Being faced with the realization that it’s time to provide care for a parent can be a difficult adjustment. Whether it’s a gradual process from noticing slight changes in abilities or behavior, or the result of a sudden event, aging affects families in different ways. That being said, the importance of preparation remains true for every family.

Join our webinar where Wellthy care experts will discuss tips for families on how to prepare and adjust to caring for an aging parent, and how Wellthy can help.

Help at Home: Finding In-Home Care That Fits Your Family’s Needs

On Demand · 45 minutes

Whether you have an aging parent or another family member who lives on their own and needs special assistance, finding in-home care so your loved one can remain in a familiar setting is often preferred to moving them into a living facility.

But many questions come into play when hiring an aide to come into a loved one’s home. Wellthy’s team of care experts can help you vet in-home aides, explore payment options, and guide your family in making the right choice.

National Family Caregivers Month 2021 Event Series

On Demand · 45 minutes

In honor of National Family Caregivers Month in November, Wellthy hosted a series of virtual events to raise awareness for, give thanks to, and support family members who dedicate their time to caring for loved ones.

A Place Called Home: Exploring Housing Options for Older Adults

On Demand · 45 minutes

It can seem like there are endless housing options for aging adults, so when it comes to finding the right home for your loved one the decision can feel daunting. The level of care, medical conditions, location, insurance coverage, and cost all play an important role when weighing options. By assessing these factors and having a basic understanding of the different types of homes that are out there, you can ensure your loved one lands in the right place and lives a fulfilling and healthy life as they get older.

During this webinar, we’ll review potential housing options for aging adults, walk through what to consider when comparing them, and most importantly, share tips on how to choose a living situation that’s right for your loved one.

What’s New with Medicare

On Demand · 45 minutes

With healthcare costs rising each year, understanding the annual changes to Medicare plans is no easy task. The government-run healthcare program is a great solution for many age 65+ or with certain disabilities, but it’s important to reevaluate coverage elections ahead of the open enrollment period to determine the best and most cost-effective option for you or your loved one. Wellthy is here to help you find the right resources around Medicare’s annual changes, understand the nuances, and ultimately make the right decision for you or your family.

Scam Alert: Protecting Your Loved Ones from Financial Abuse

On Demand · 60 minutes

Older individuals are increasingly becoming the target of financial scams and elder fraud. Proactively learning about the most common elder fraud scams, and taking steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from financial abuse will serve as the first line of defense to prevent falling victim to it, or stop a scam in progress. Initiating conversations with your loved ones about financial scams can be a tricky conversation to navigate, but Wellthy is here to help.

During this webinar, we will review common elder fraud scams - from internet and telephone fraud, sneaky billing practices, to even friends and family fraud. Join us while we discuss tips and strategies that will protect your loved ones and yourself, and what to do next if you do fall victim to a financial scam.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiving

On Demand · 45 minutes

When caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or any other brain disorder, family caregivers are faced with a unique set of challenges like handling memory loss, confusion, and safety concerns. Navigating care options and planning for the long-term can feel overwhelming, especially as these conditions progress and change over time, but there are resources and support systems that can help. Join our workshop to learn more about Alzheimer’s and dementia care and how Wellthy can support your family.

Caring for a Loved One with Autism

On Demand · 45 minutes

Caring for someone with a special need may come with unique and intersectional needs. The care system can feel like a maze, and navigating the countless administrative and logistical tasks that go into supporting those with special needs can stress and overwhelm the best of us. In honor of Autism Awareness Month, we will be discussion the special needs landscape and available care support systems and services to support a loved one with autism.

Preparing to Care

On Demand · 45 minutes

Caregiving journeys can often bring families together; however, this collective experience can also lead to potential relationship strains. The demands of caregiving may surface unresolved tensions or bring about new friction—which can interfere with providing the greatest quality care for their loved one. So how can families come together in caregiving? Tune into the session to find out.

Caregiving from Afar

On Demand · 45 minutes

Caregiving always has its challenges, whether in-person or not. In this unprecedented era of long-distance support, many caregivers are unsure how to provide aid to loved ones. Join Wellthy’s care experts to learn strategies for communicating best with your family, how you can be there for support even from afar, and how Wellthy can help you along the way.

Family Dynamics and Caregiving

On Demand · 45 minutes

Caregiving journeys can often bring families together; however, this collective experience can also lead to potential relationship strains. The demands of caregiving may surface unresolved tensions or bring about new friction—which can interfere with providing the greatest quality care for their loved one. So how can families come together in caregiving? Tune into the session to find out.

Caregiving during the Holidays

On Demand · 45 minutes

Between decorating the house, organizing gatherings, and finding the perfect gifts, the holidays can be a lot to manage on top of caregiving demands. This year may be even more challenging, as we’re incredibly mindful of the health and safety of our loved ones. During this session, we cover a few strategies to reset expectations for the holidays and discuss steps towards ensuring the health and happiness of your loved ones.

Caring for a Loved One Struggling with Substance Abuse

On Demand · 45 minutes

Over the last decade, there has been a rise in mental health concerns surrounding heightened anxiety and depression levels in people from all walks of life. In an effort to cope with difficult and perhaps unfamiliar emotions, some individuals may turn to alcohol and prescription/non prescription drugs for relief, opening the doors to potential substance abuse. Considered to be a chronic condition, addiction is never easy to navigate alone or as a family caregiver. It’s important to be cognisant of this condition and the ways it can be managed in a safe, productive manner.

In-Home Safety Workshop

On Demand · 45 minutes

Keeping your loved ones safe is more important than ever, especially as many families may decide to keep their aging loved one in their own home versus a living facility. There are many benefits to aging in place like maintaining independence and living in a familiar setting, but there are also safety considerations families may need to address. With some careful planning and home modifications, you can take action to ensure those you love are remaining safe in the home.

Overcoming Resistance: How to Have Tough Conversations with Aging Loved Ones

On Demand · 45 minutes

Facing resistance when caring for an aging loved one can make caregiving responsibilities all the more challenging. Join our workshop to learn more about overcoming resistance during caregiving conversations and how we can support.

End-of-Life Caregiving Workshop

On Demand · 60 minutes

Caring for the ones you love is challenging at any stage, and most families find the final phases to be particularly stressful. Join our workshop to learn about end-of-life caregiving from a Wellthy Care Coordinator.

Medicare and Medicaid: Is Your Loved One Covered?

On Demand · 45 minutes

What’s the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? Who falls under Medicare and who falls under Medicaid? If you’re not familiar, join us to learn the differences between each program and how they can help save money on your family’s healthcare costs.

Wellthy Workshop with Anne Basting, PhD

On Demand · 60 minutes

Anne Basting, PhD has pioneered a creative approach in how we interact with our older loved ones, especially those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Join our workshop to learn more about ’creative care’ and how to apply in caregiving practices.

The Road to Parentcare

On Demand · 30 minutes

When it comes to caring for an older parent, many families don’t have a plan until faced with a crisis. Listen in to learn how we can prepare your family for parentcare, from that first conversation, to creating a proper plan.

A Family's Guide to Autism Caregiving

On Demand · 45 minutes

In honor of Autism Acceptance Month in the US, we want to shed light on the challenges posed on Autistic individuals and their families, break down stigmas that are associated with the condition, and share resources and tactical advice for family members who care for a loved one with Autism.

In this webinar, we’ll share some tips to keep in mind when receiving an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis and discuss care systems and services that are available to support those with ASD, as well as their families.

Beyond A Will: What to Know About Estate Planning

On Demand · 45 minutes

Though it can feel daunting, estate planning saves families from an overwhelming amount of legal questions, decisions, and complications in the wake of a loved one’s passing. Like any preparation related to caregiving, it’s never too early to start estate planning.

Join our webinar where Wellthy care experts will discuss what to consider when starting out with estate planning activities, legal terms and concepts to be familiar with when doing so, and how Wellthy can support in the process.

Taking a Break: A Caregiver’s Guide to Respite Care

On Demand · 45 minutes

Supporting the care of an ill or aging loved one can be extremely rewarding, but it’s an around the clock job that takes a mental, emotional, and physical toll over time. This is why it’s crucial for family caregivers to take advantage of respite care services, or short-term aid, to relieve the mounting stress that comes with caregiving.

During this webinar, we’ll review what kinds of services are offered in respite care, how to recognize when you may be in need of some relief, as well as how Wellthy’s care team can support you in creating a caregiver respite plan.

Building Resilience while Caregiving

On Demand · 45 minutes

Caring for your loved ones is an incredible act of love and commitment, and yet it comes with a variety of hurdles and can lead to feelings of exhaustion, compassion fatigue, and caregiver burnout.  Thinking of your own needs may be difficult as a caregiver, but it’s important for your wellbeing and capacity to care. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, this webinar will serve to provide strategies and practices you can integrate into your daily life to build resilience as a caregiver.

Aging in Place

On Demand · 45 minutes

Many individuals wish to age within their own home instead of moving to a facility that provides assisted living. There are varying considerations to think through when aging gracefully in the home. From ensuring the home is safe and accessible for tackling daily personal care and household chores, to managing the financial responsibilities of maintaining a home. Join our workshop to learn more about aging in place and how Wellthy can support.

Coping with Holiday Stress as a Caregiver

On Demand - 45 minutes

While traditionally associated with fun and levity, the holiday season can pose some real challenges behind the scenes. Between the demands of decorating, shopping, traveling and cooking, the everyday laundry list of responsibilities only seems to grow during the holidays, especially for caregivers. 

Watch our webinar where we discuss the ways in which family caregivers can set expectations with loved ones, approach those difficult conversations, and take the right steps towards ensuring the health and happiness of their loved ones and themselves during the holiday season.  

“Before I learned of Wellthy, I was on the verge of considering a leave of absence from work to focus on the items needed for my family. In a very short time, that all changed.”

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